Ø Where are you from?


Our company headquarter is based on US, but our factories are scattered around the world where are close to the raw material origins and mature industrial areas. Besides, we have 4 major warehouses around the world in US, UK, Germany, Japan to serve the worldwide customers better with better response speed and qualified services according to the regions of our clients.




Ø Are the gloves made by real leather?


That is right, all the gloves on our site are made by authentic leathers. Not only we use the real leather as the surface, but we also apply first class linings for the inside. Here are some of the most commonly used raw materials for our regular producing lines we would like to introduce so that you could have a better understanding of our products.






This is the most important leather we use for the glove manufacture over the years. For this kind of leather is rather durable and can stand the constant stretch and fray longer than other ones which is perfect for the gloves. Although the texture may be a bit rough comparing to some other skins, but the craftsmanship we apply largely improved this weak point and makes it wonderful in every aspect.


This leather will certainly give you the softest touch that you couldn’t let go of it once you feel the smoothness and delicacy. As a premium leather, sheepskin is often used in high-end glove makings. Nowadays, we managed to use it for more designs and adaptions in order to let more people to have the experience much easily.



Another kind of rare and precious leather we use. After being dealt with carefully, you will find this leather has a stunning reflection of the lights and the irregular creaking patterns which would bring up all kinds of wild and yet gracious feelings in your mind.



Divided from the boars out in the wildness, the peccary leather always represents the rough and bold characteristic. Indeed, peccary survived the nature’s cruelness and being made into gloves would only strengthen the quality and makes them extremely suitable for the protection during a labour work. Besides, its obvious pores on the skin gives it breathable feature so that you could stay comfortable wearing them.


This kind of leather needs a lot of experiences of tanning to be made perfectly. It is much thinner and softer due to the special crafts the leather withstood. In another word, it is more vulnerable than other types as well. Wearing a pair of gloves made by such leather would give you the illusion of not wearing gloves at all. It may not be able to endure the daily usage too often, but it worth to be an improvement of your personal dressing taste.




Ø Can I exchange or return the items?

We would offer you complete exchange or return services without letting you pay any extra fees if the quality of the items are defected or the item you receive the different products from the ones you ordered. For other scenarios, the content of our services may be not the same, for the details, please visit our return policy page.




Ø How do I take care of the leather gloves?

Unlike other normal clothing materials, leather needs extra attention to be taken care of to maintain its unique and fragile texture. Here we are going to share with you some of the essential skills of caring your leather gloves.


A. First of all, in your daily wearing of the leather gloves from the initial stage, try not to get them near to the abrasive things in order to keep them smooth without any scuffs.

B. After a while, when you find them in the situation of needing to be cleaned, then you could try to wipe the surface with dry cleaning rug to get rid of the dusts. If there is any spots or stains that won’t come off by doing that. You may dip some water on the rug and try to wipe the dirt out gently. Avoid using any chemical compounds to hurt the leather.

C. If the gloves won’t dry after you wiped it with wet rug, you should under no circumstance use any speedy methods like hairdryers or radiators but only to let it dry at room temperature naturally. Exposed under sun could also shorten the leather’s lifespan, so ventilation in the shade is strongly recommended.

D. When the leather gloves cannot be cleaned by the methods above, don’t try to wash it in the water or use dry cleaning. All you can do is to spray some dedicated leather cleaners onto the dirty parts of the item, and clean with the rug mentioned before.

E. Please put it in some relatively enclosed places to keep it away from dusts or any other possible damages.