Size Guidance

Size Guidance

The leather gloves provided by Fioretto arrays in many different sizes for the mens collection and womens collection. Even though it could be a little confusing on the glimpse of the size chart, but it actually is very simple and convenient to lock onto the suitable size you need. All you have to do is to follow the instructions below.

First of all, you should prepare a tape measure in whether centimeters or inches are both feasible.

Then you should take out your dominant hand, which you use mostly in your daily routine (left-hander should use his/her left hand). Find the wildest part of the palm (usually it is just below the knuckles) and wrap the tape measure around there to get your exact hand size (as shown in the picture below).



*full length of your hand, not half size

Next thing to do is to compare your hand size with the sizes of gloves we provide on our site. If your hand size happen to one of the standard sizes we have, then you could just go for that exact size without thinking. But if your size is in-between the sizes we offer, then you should try to choose the glove size that is the closest to your actual size. Normally, the sizes shall cover almost all the situations, so if your occasion is really special or you are still not very sure which size to pick, then you are welcomed to contact our customer services and let us help you with it at any time.